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Why Starlight Flight versus any “new”/old operator?

Please read for flight discounts and our charity drive!


My name is David Snell and I am owner of Dallas oldest/ original airplane tour company, Starlight Flight. Since our inception in June of 1991 we have been featured on most every local TV station news broadcast (channels 4,5,8,11,33), featured in such written press as the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Business Journal, Dallas Guide, many radio spots, MSN on line,Entrepreneur.com, and many more local papers etc.

David Snell, pilot and owner of Starlight Flight.

Starlight Flight has conducted THOUSANDS of local airplane tours and introductory flight instruction lessons flawlessly without a SINGLE incident/accident since starting in June 1991. We have seen (hundreds) of IN AIR marriage proposals along with thousands of Christmas Light Flights etc. Most press related articles may be found on our web site! My experience as a flight instructor spans back to college days at Louisiana Tech where I earned a BS in Professional Aviation in 1992. I am also a former DFW area Traffic watch pilot who has been flying over the DFW skies since 1987. In regards to our role in the DFW aviation community from a charitable aspect we have done a lot!

We (I) have worked with hundreds of non-profit organizations in donating flights out of pocket to help raise money for many various causes. Make-A-Wish and Big Brothers and Big Sisters have been two organizations we have worked with on multiple occasions. Mostly because Starlight Flight is a “passion” of mine I have wanted to share with others………..NOT a major source of livelihood for me!! I also helped consult with the creator (now deceased Rick Amber) of now nationally known “Challenge Air” which is a non-profit organization set up to share the love of flying a plane with physically/mentally challenged kids.

Over the years there have been many local flight schools who have introduced airplane tours much like ours! So as my mother always said “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!”

If interested in booking a flight, we hope that OUR 20 plus years of “tour experience” wins out over our competitors when you are deciding on whom to select to take you flying for your special flight. Are we the lowest priced airplane tour business? (NO) but in comparison to any other local operators OUR EXPERIENCE is second to none while conducting aerial tours in airplanes. NO one comes close in our eyes! Simply put, we offer more experience in conducting local aerial tours…………. hands down! As for pricing please compare any of our advertised rates to any local “helicopter operator”. There is NO local comparison here.

Listed below is our ongoing discount offer re our “helicopter competition”:

We will offer $50 off any of our posted 30 or 60 minute airplane tour rates……… IF you can find any locally published (FAA 135 helicopter) operators comparable 30 or 60 minute tour price that is LOWER than ours!

In closing, Starlight Flight is Dallas original airplane tour business and was founded (June 1991) on my love for flying small planes and sharing it with many DFW residents who never knew a service like this existed! “We” have copied NO-ONE and have continued to set the course for the local aerial tour market we started in 1991! When considering local tour companies for tours or for flight instruction we encourage you to simply compare our services to any other!

Why not fly with the most widely recognized airplane tour company that DFW holds, Starlight Flight.

Thanks so much for reading and we will look forward to discussing your flight booking in the near future!


David Snell
Cell: 469-767-2645

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