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Irving Fire Fighter most unique marriage proposal

This was a unique Starlight Flight marriage proposal to say the least. The guy proposing works for the Irving Fire Department. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a “birthday flight” and turn it in to a unique marriage proposal after we landed in the hangar with his fire fighting buddies. SO unlike most Starlight Flight unique marriage proposals…….this unique marriage proposal took place in a hangar when we returned to earth! Significance was that their first date was a sky-diving date so a birthday flight seemed fitting. Little did she know about the “staged fuel spill” we set up to cover for the awaiting fire truck/crew when we got back!

The pics will tell the rest of the story. This is why people chose Starlight Flight over others when planning a most unique marriage proposal idea! Let Starlight Flight “create” your own unique marriage proposal and trust it to NO one else other than Starlight flight with 19 years of experience with over 250 marriage proposals above Dallas and one on the ground!



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