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Frequently Asked Questions

How many years has Starlight Flight airplane tours been in operation and do you only fly out of Addison Airport?

20+ years based at Addison. We will fly to any local airport to pick up passengers as long as they are willing to pay for the additional flight time to fly there and back to Addison.

How is Starlight Flight airplane tours safety record?

Great. Flawless!

Does Starlight Flight conduct helicopter tours?

No, why pay 2-3 times more than ours!

How are Starlight Flights airplane tour rates versus local Dallas and Forth helicopter companies?

Typically much less. Please refer our price comparison chart.

Can someone fly along with a Starlight Flight pilot?

Yes, we encourage it! No better way to start an interest in flight instruction and obtaining your private pilot license.

What type of airplane does Starlight Flight conduct their airplane tours and flight instruction in?

Single engine Cessna 172 four passenger airplanes carry up to three paying passengers with one seat for the pilot (four seats total).

What if the weather is bad or how will we know if our Starlight Flight will go?

You must re confirm your flight at least two days before your scheduled date by calling us. When we hear from you we can look at the weather and re-confirm your flight then. Please read our policies recancellation under the weather section/booking.

Can we request a special Starlight Flight custom flight route?

Sure, just ask prior to your flight and we will see what kind of airplane tour we will customize for you! Pricing may vary from posted tour rates.

Does Starlight Flight Conduct airplane flight instruction?

Yes, check out our flight instruction.

Does Starlight Flight conduct aerial photography and aerial survey flights?

Yes, check out our Aerial/Photo Survey.

What form of payment does Starlight Flight airplane tours take?

Cash, check, credit card or Paypal. (Deposit Confirmation & Refund Policy)

Do we need to pre-book and pay a deposit on Starlight Flight Christmas light and Valentines flights?

Yes, please do. (Deposit Confirmation & Refund Policy)

Can Starlight Flight airplane tours pick us up at other local airports other than Addison Airport?

Yes, as long as the additional time to fly from Addison to your desired airport and back to Addison Airport is paid for, no problem.

Are the airplanes used on the Starlight Flight aerial tours heated or have A/C?

We have on board heaters and use outside air through air vents for cooling.

What if the weather is bad the night of my Starlight Flight Dallas airplane tour?

If we cancel your airplane tour due to inclement weather, we would like for you to reschedule but will not hold your deposit or try to force you in to flying if you can only make it out one night and not the next!

Is the Starlight airplane tour going to be bumpy?

We will not fly if conditions will make for a bumpy ride. First time flyers usually are amazed how smooth it is!

Will I get air sick as I have never been on a small plane?

Probably not! No way to guarantee against it but with smooth conditions we have had less than 10 passengers get air sick over 20 plus years! (We do not like to clean!)

How do we book/reserve a flight?

See booking flight and pricing  information.


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