Simply put, NO ONE comes close……….to matching our 20 years of experience in conducting exactly what YOU are wanting to do!! A Local aerial tour customized for your needs!

Customizing airplane tours is OUR main focus of flight operations and has been since starting in June of 1991. We conduct MORE airplane tours than any other advertising operator (combined) in the DFW area.

More experience = more safety

For example: Our newest local advertising competitor has approx. one year of flying tours versus OUR 20. Who will you feel more comfortable with when flying in our crowded local airspace?? Web sites can be built to portray a “certain look” BUT what one typically looks at and asks us about is…………..How long have WE been flying?

NO local operator comes close to our experience level in conducting tours over the DFW skies. NO one!!

We have 20 years experience in working within the DFW airspace and as owner, my former traffic watch pilot experience enables US to KNOW where we can/can not go and ways to fly over areas YOU may want to see that our competitors do NOT have as much experience in flying. Starlight Flight has a better chance to “fulfill” YOUR special requested flight pattern if NOT one we already offer.

We have even flown and visited with some of the local air traffic controllers we speak with while conducting your tour! Thus, MOST ATC controllers recognize STARLIGHT FLIGHT when flying tours and allow us to fly where we want when SOME OTHER LESS experienced operations will be turned away.

Why not?

Because they simply do NOT have near the experience/exposure or the impact we have had over the past 20 years of conducting local tours. IF they did we are sure they would post it. Not to mention our 20 years of offering well over 200 donated flights to various local non-profit silent auctions.

Starlight Flight is the MOST publicly recognized airplane tour operation in the DFW area. NO ONE comes close to conducting as many paying/charitable flights as Starlight Flight.

Who knows??

YOU may have even heard about Starlight Flight before starting your on line search!

Starlight does! We have HELPED PLAN over 500 IN AIR Marriage proposals. From roof top to building top we have helped plan lighted messages to in air banners while we fly by etc etc. We were just featured in a national MSN web based article about CREATIVE WAYS to propose after a recent college Bowl game found a player proposing to his girlfriend on national TV after the game!

Starlight does hands down! My second company is called and is a full service 8 year old insured local catering operation. Other foods and specialty needs including on board alcoholic beverages is offered by our newest partner:

Our experience in conducting ALL KINDS of flight request simply makes us the better option when selecting a local operator if YOU want a customized tour.

Some fly older airplanes which cost less to rent. Some do not collect or build the required state based sales tax in to their rates. Some do not have as nice a facility to depart from. Some do not have drug/alcohol testing program expenses. NONE of them donate as much as we do which cost us more out of our pocket.

MOST (especially our latest copying competitor) simply have nothing ELSE TO SELL (especially in experience) other than lower rates which they HOPE will bring them your business.

NO, not a one.

Starlight Flight hopes we have answered a few of your questions that will help you decide on a tour operator that is best for your needs!



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