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Aerial Photography Survey

Commercial property, residential land survey/ranch based aerials, commercial construction/ aerial survey from ground breaking to ribbon cutting.

Starlight Flight aerial photography and aerial survey has conducted private and corporate based aerial photography work for numerous corporations as well as local news papers since June of 1991. Both digital and fine grain film pictures are available.

A Water Treatment Plant overhead view.

Aerial Photography & Survey is great for new construction.


Why pay a second company for aerial photography when they have to call upon companies like us to go up and take their shots? We have conducted numerous  flights for local based aerial photography companies such as Aerial Focus!

Why pay the mark up for third party aerial photography companies while we maintain a database of professional aerial photographers who can shoot film or digital for a lot less?

Call or email your request to David Snell cell 469-767-2645.

Why Starlight Flight for your private/commercial aerial photography needs:

    • Starlight Flight aerial photography rates are much less than many local aerial photography competitors that typically have to call upon us to take them up! Why pay a third party when you do not have to for the same quality aerial photos?
    • Starlight Flight has numerous aerial photographers on call with varied photography talents available per your specific aerial request. Digital or fine grain film shots.
    • Want to go with us or take your clients? See your commercial property or private ranch while we shoot the target! Just ask, pricing will be minimal up charge to ride along.
    • 20 years of local flying including Traffic watch experience that will enable us to get up, get on target with minimal time, get your aerial photo(s) and get down. Thus costing you less. Referrals upon request.
    • Most local aerial photos will be shot within 30-60 minutes.
    • Great way to showcase ranch and high end properties with detailed aerial photos. Minimal investment to have the realtors edge when showing these large homes/properties. Aerial photography at reasonable rates!
    • Starlight Flight airplane tours can depart and pick up out of any local airport. Need to take up a prospected buyer? Call us, we will be there and you can take your own aerial photos or aerial video.
    • Video camera for rent to take all of the aerial views you want.  Great for prospective buyers or survey, corporate or private.

Excellent for Realty Sales promotional photos.

Sell the house or the neighborhood with our aerial photos.

Starlight Flight aerial photography understands that time in the air equals clients money. Cut the middle man out while maintaining same quality. Starlight Flight aerial photography rates and services will rival any local competitor!

Realtors now have the ability to utilize aerial photos and tours to show your high end properties.  Developers having the ability to obtain aerial photos or video of new prospective sites to develop or those that are to be developed.

Call or email owner David Snell direct at 469-767-2645 for immediate and specific aerial photo/airplane tour/aerial airplane survey request/quotes.

Aerial Photography Survey Pricing

Aerial photo, aerial land survey, new construction, horse farm/ranch photo flight rates will need to be discussed and quoted by David Snell since each flight will have custom routing and may require un-published flight times. Initial rates will be closely based to our published 30 minute and 60 minute 3 passenger tour rates.

Rates far below local helicopter tour and other aerial photo survey companies.

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