Starlight Flight airplane tours has hosted over 500 successful marriage proposals over downtown. No better romantic proposal than over the lights of downtown. Makes for a great Valentines date or simple romantic date also!! If requested, Starlight Flight will help plan your romantic flight in order to ensure a memorable experience. We have helped plan many romantic proposals and have yet to hear a No. Need flowers or special amenities on board prior to your arrival? Just ask. Let us help plan your romantic marriage proposal or romantic date experience to ensure a lasting memory! With your permission, we will pitch your romantic marriage proposal flight to local TV stations. We have had several proposals caught on TV! (With your permission of course!)

Want to add a very special touch to your proposal? Starlight Flight can have “MARRY ME” spelled out in 8 foot letters across the ground so you can see it clearly from the sky and pop the question when pointing to the ground.

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